Thursday, August 26, 2010

Desperate to Crop!!

I made this card in Finland, when I was so desperate to crop. I bought two issues of a British magazine: Simply Cards & Papercraft, while I was in Sweden. What I really love about British magazines is they give you little goodies when you purchase them. This magazine had cute paper and images to cut-out for making cards. 
This card is all paper!! Only the white flower-shaped ribbon that is wrapped around the middle of the card is not paper!! I cut out two of the little flowers and used pop-dots between them for a 3-D effect, but the photo does not show that well enough. The only tools I used were a pair of scissors, a ruler and a bottle of glue! It makes me think, "do I really need all the gadgets and gears in my scrap-room?" I am sure you all know the answer to that one already!
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