Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Gypsy-less Update

Hello everyone,

I have been told to call Provocraft to report my problem with my Gypsy since my USB broke off.  I have received a couple of messages saying this is a known problem with the Gypsy.
Unfortunately for me my Gypsy is out of warranty for now 7 months over the year so they won't do anything for me. Instead I have to buy a new (or used) Gypsy, then I have to pay to mail it and the old one to Provocraft so that they can update the serial number on the new Gypsy and then they will send it back to me, should take about a month after they receive it.

So now I thought may I'll give Craftroom a try.
1. I had 165 files in my Gyspy they are not alphabetized when imported into Craftroom. Can you imagine find one file?

2. All the carts that came free on my Gypsy: Wonderings, Smiley Cards, etc I can't access anymore! I called and ask them to if they can make them accessible to me in Craftroom, they said they can't (but you can buy digital copies of them if you want to!).

3. If you have linked your carts to your Gypsy you CANNOT link to Craftroom. This means changing carts in the machine every time I need to cut something.

4. All my files and anything to do with Craftroom is off in the WWW, so if I need to cut anything I MUST have internet connection! Lets hope their machines don't get corrupted!

I am not a happy Cricuteer! Hope you are having a better day!

Happy Scrapping!


  1. Oh boy!! I've been debating a Gypsy or Craftroom and this makes me think I don't want to use either. Sorry for your troubles.

  2. Wow- that seems ridiculous!!! So basically they know there is an issue/defect and now you must pay to fix it (not to mention after spending $$$$$ to buy all of the products/cartridges you can't even use them everywhere you want to! I don't blame you for being upset- I would be (makes me regret linking cartridges to my gypsy) Sorry for the hassle you have!
    Amy's Crafting Space

  3. Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear this :-( I've had mine since it came out but have only used it a handful of times, of course it's out of warranty now and it would be my luck something like this would happen as well. I'm sorry they can't fix it and you have to buy a new one :-( That really stinks!

  4. This can possibly be fixed if you still have it!!!!


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